Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Debate Still Continues...SSC/ICSE/CBSE/etc...

All you must be following the news articles on the debate of the SSC/ICSE/CBSE/etc. students admissions that has been thrown up by the Maharashtra Government decision to have 90:10 % quota system for admission to junior colleges favoring the SSC board. One had sighed a huge relief when the own collegues of the minister had turned on him saying that the matter was lop sided and would not stand a legal ground. But it seems that this minister is hell bent on getting this quota of 90:10% quota passed after taking their legal department's opinion. And, To top this the parents of the SSC board students have come out supporting this move vehemently. What is surprising is that these parents are accusing the ISCE/CBSE /etc. boards of deliberately giving higher marks to thier students. Hence, all this has left the ICSE / CBSE / etc. boards quite jittery. It seems that now that there is a long protracted legal battle looming ahead. So, where does that leave us parents whose wards are studying in the ICSE / CBSE/ etc. boards. Very confused , I suppose. I hope that fair justice prevails and the children do not suffer due to the whims and fancies of some political move. Let there be a level playing field for all and sundry and not play around with the futures of the kids. Let's all wait and watch and see how this progresses out in the coming days. At the end of it it should be a win-win situation for everyone.

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Girish said...

Hi, Samindra,
You have taken up this issue is very good. But, Shouldn't we more studied before putting on the issue than the politicians who make & break the laws at will, as it seems to be.
We should protest anything baseless/ ill-logical/ irrational. I'm with you as well as others concern.
To put thigs forward.
1.We should start first a debate @ what is exactly differance between CBSE, ICSC etc and Maharshtra Board?
2. Look into city wise total available seats vs % of SSC & others to occupy.
3. What @ students who are studying in other boards & having those schools continuation of higher secondery/ junior college. Whether they will be denied their natural right to continue ther Higher Secondary in same school by this 90: 10 arrangement and vise versa?
Thease are the few concern I've raised. one can contribute to it in many aspects.

I've studied in Maharshtra State board same is continued with my daughters. We should devolope a thought process where in there should be positive outlook to every question in our social life. People on both sides sholud end up with shaking each others hand, not twisting them or against each other. This will/ should creat pressure on Law makers before they do/ even think of doing anything "Ill-Logical"